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Let the Flavour of Persia Whisk You Away

Let the flavour of Persia whisk you away to another state of mind at newly opened Pomegranate Persian Tea Room. Pomegranate Persian Tea Room serving modern Persian dishes with a unique twist. What you see has been created with love, passion, energy and excitement.

Women in a restaurant
Woman cooks

Customer Reviews


Happy Customer 1

The food at Pomegranate Persian Tea Room is absolutely delicious! The flavors are authentic and the ambiance is just perfect for a memorable dining experience.


Satisfied Guest 2

I had a fantastic time at Pomegranate Persian Tea Room. The service was impeccable and the dishes were a delightful fusion of traditional and modern Persian cuisine.


Delighted Patron 3

A visit to Pomegranate Persian Tea Room is a culinary journey. The attention to detail in every dish and the warm hospitality make it a top choice for experiencing Persian cuisine.

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